The Affiliates program is, basically, a partnership between and another Redwall site. At the moment, other Redwall sites may become a The Redwall Forum Affiliate and/or a Mail affiliate.

Both Affiliate programs work in very similar ways. The affiliate site first decides it would like to use the service for its own site; for example, Terrouge offers the Mail service to its visitors, and The Island utilizes The Redwall Forum as its messageboard and chat service. In return, the affiliate sites not only get an established and succesful service at their disposal with a minimum of work on their part, they also receive a link to their site from this page on the relatively high-traffic site. Mail Affiliate Sites:

Redwall Forum Affiliate Sites:

Interested in joining the Affiliates program? Send me an email at telling which program you are interested in (or if you are interested in both) and including a link to and description of your site.

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