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Redwall.net is an unofficial site devoted to the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. For those who are unfamiliar with Redwall, please visit the Official Redwall Site and read the information there. If you have further questions about Redwall in general, please ask them at the Redwall Forum.

It is important to understand that Redwall.net is not affiliated with or endorsed by Brian Jacques or the Redwall Abbey Company Ltd. Neither is it affiliated with or endorsed by the Official Redwall Site.

Redwall.net is not competing with the Official Redwall Site, Redwall.org. The Official site is based around information on Brian Jacques and Redwall in general; Redwall.net is based on the Redwall world on the Internet and taking advantage of the many possibilities that the Internet provides.

With all this said, we hope that Redwall.net is of some use to you. Explore all of the areas and sign up to the Newsletter so you will be informed of future updates. Enjoy your visit, and happy Redwall reading!

-Brawnoak (Benjamin Christensen)

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